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Rebbetzin Stern

Estee joined Sydenham Shul together with Rabbi Stern and their family in July 2007. She is the Rebbetzin of our Shtibl Minyan and assists her husband in catering for the Young Adults of our Shul. With her gentle and caring approach, she has already developed an enthusiastic following among the women of the Shul.

Estee was born in Springs and raised in Johannesburg. As the daughter of Rabbi Avraham and Hadassah Vigler of the Orange Grove Shul, having an open home to all is a natural way of life.

Estee matriculated at Torah Academy where she excelled and furthered her Jewish studies in Seminary in Israel. She then went on to serve as the Youth Director at the prestigious Shul of Bal Harbor, Florida in the United States. She is an experienced High School teacher, having taught in the Torah Academy Girls High School as well as in other schools in America and Australia. After marrying in December 2004, Estee and Rabbi Stern spent the next two years teaching and lecturing in the Jewish community in Melbourne Australia.

As a young mother of 3 children, Batya, Tzviky and Chana, Estee has been able to inspire those with whom she has come into contact. Her shiurim are enjoyed immensely, as they are deeply spiritual while still being real and relevant. Her energy and passion is genuine, positive and contagious.

Wed, 1 December 2021 27 Kislev 5782