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Rebbetzin Goldman

Rochel grew up and was educated through high school in Cleveland, Ohio. She furthered her studies in Seminaries in New York and France obtaining a degree in teaching.

Since 1986, she has been Rebbetzin of our Shul. Her energy and dynamism are positively infectious. Over the years, Rochel has given many Shiurim and classes at Shul. Many remember her Yiddish classes and Parenting courses. Her Challah-Baking demonstrations are legendary throughout Johannesburg. She ran a successful Rosh Chodesh Women's Forum for a number of years. She still meets regularly with a group of young women from the Shul and is guiding them in their Jewish journeys.

Rochel is Founder and Chairperson of Women of the World, a highly successful organisation which nurtures Jewish women, promotes education, and a more positive South Africa.

She has been in South Africa since March, 1976. She was a popular High School teacher at Yeshiva College and Torah Academy for many years.

As the proud mother of a large family, juggling her many tasks as ably as she does has made Rochel an inspirational role model for every young woman who has made her acquaintance.

Wed, 1 December 2021 27 Kislev 5782