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Our Vision
Sydenham Hebrew Pre Primary promotes a holistic child- centred programme, which allows children to learn best through first hand experiences. Through play children engage in active thinking to develop lifetime skills.
Sydenham offers the foundation for intellectual, social and emotional growth, which needs to be laid long before compulsory schooling commences.

About the Principal
Susan Benjamin assumed the principal role of Sydenham Pre-primary school in 2001. Under her guidance, the school has experienced tremendous growth and achievement.

Sue’s wealth of experience and kind, gentle manner ensure an effective child centered learning programme in a safe, nurturing environment. Sue and her team of teachers and assistants can be very proud of Sydenham Pre-primary school.

Our Team
Our school works within a team context. Central to the theme is your child, the focus being on what is in your child’s best interests. Our teachers and most importantly, the parents form an integral part of an excellent education programme to which we continue to aspire.

Skills are taught in a loving, caring and nurturing environment.
We are a kosher school and we offer a Yiddishkeit programme. Rabbi Goldman, the Rav and spiritual leader of the Sydenham Hebrew Congregation, visits our school regularly. Chazan Yudi Cohen visits the children to do Parsha.

Complementing our Learning Programme
Various specialists have been outsourced to complement our learning programme.

These include:
    We have our own COMPUTER LABORATORY
A Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, School Counsellor and Physiotherapist are on the premises as well.


Age Groups
The school consists of four age groups:

Playschool 20 months-3 year old child
Junior Group 3-4 year old child
Senior Group 4-5 year old child
Grade R 5-6 year old child
School Hours
School hours are from 8:00am-12:30pm daily.

Aftercare Facility
Our school offers an AFTERCARE FACILITY every day until 2:00 pm.

Extra-Mural Activities
Parents are able to enrol their children in a number of EXTRA-MURAL Activities in the afternoons which include:
  • Ballet
  • Makedo
  • Karate
  • PlayBall
  • Speech and Drama

Excellent security is provided. 2 dedicated guards look after both the school and the shul on a permanent basis. In addition, the CSO plays an integral part in the securing of the school. Furthermore, parents enhance the security by performing duties on a rotation basis.

Parent involvement is encouraged; a weekly NEWSLETTER is emailed to each family. We have a very active PTA Committee whose main function is to raise funds which are used to purchase new equipment and upgrade existing apparatus.

Contact the Shul for more information on 011 640 5011011 640 5011 .

Sunday 16 Mar 2014 was Purim. See how much fun the Nursery School had dressing up.

Friday 25 Jan 2013 the Nursery School children celebrated Tu B'Shvat by planting trees.

On 19 Oct 2012, the children were asked to dress as nursery rhyme characters....this is the result.

On 22 May 2012, the Nursery School children and their parents came together to celebrate Generation Sinai together...

20 June 2012 was South Africa Day at the Nursery School


17 August 2012 was Olympic Sports Day at the School. Fun was had by all