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Twelve Ways to Build your Child's Self-Esteem PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rabbi Yaakov Lieder   
Self-esteem is a very important ingredient for a successful and happy life. A person can be blessed with intelligence and talent but if he or she lacks self-esteem, this can be an obstacle in achieving success in a job, a relationship and in virtually every area of life. The early years of a child's life are the foundation for a positive self-esteem.
Help! My Kids Are Fighting! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rabbi Yaakov Lieder   
Sibling rivalry is an integral part of family life. But what can be even more damaging, in the long run, is the fact that parents are often expected -- by the children, by themselves, and just about everyone else - to act the judge.

Two crying children approach the parent pointing fingers at each other and saying things like, "It was her fault", "He started it", "She took something away from me first." It is easy for a parent to fall into the trap of trying to differentiate the innocent party from the guilty.
Three Parenting Hints PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rabbi Yaakov Lieder   
1) Love your child's mother/father
If you really love your child and would do anything for of him or her, then one of the best things you can do to really make them happy is to love their mother/father.

When a child sees the respect and love that one parent has for another parent -- when s/he hears things like, "Let's go together and buy flowers for Mom" or "Let's all wait and have dinner together when Dad comes home" -- this gives the child an unbelievable sense of security knowing that the two most important people in his or her life are in harmony with each other. It also gives the child a living example: "If my mother respects my father and my father respects my mother, then how much more so should I, as a child, respect both of my parents."
Four Listening Rules PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rabbi Yaakov Lieder   
"I don't understand," a father complained to me, "why my 15-year-old son is not sharing with me and confiding in me about his life. Whenever I finally find the time to sit down with him and ask what's happening, all I get is 'yes', 'no', or 'uh...' How do I develop a more meaningful father-son relationship, in which he would want to share his personal experiences with me?"
Recommended Websites for Children PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rabbi Yaakov Lieder   

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